CHARTER RODOS ✈ Plecari din Bucuresti & Iasi ULTIMELE LOCURI IN LUNA AUGUST! Valabilitate 27.07 – 09.08.2018

Adventures like make life worth living. What a trip!

Plecare 14.08.2018
✈ Plecare 21.08.2018
✈ Plecare 28.08.2018


• 7 nopti cazare cu tipul de masa specificat
• Zbor direct charter Tarom OTP-RHO-OTP sau IAS-RHO-IAS
• Transfer grup aeroport-hotel-aeroport
• Asistenta turistica
• Taxe aeroport
• Bonus! Asigurare Medicala si STORNO – Cocktail Travel Protection indiferent de varsta


• Excursii optionale si intrarile la obiective
• Cheltuieli personale, bacsisuri
• Supliment Business Class: 95 €/pers
(include strict prealocare loc business si catering business in avion)

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